The Quick Fix: GLOSSY EYES


Caroline, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) Going out and in the mood for something frisky, yet not too pricey – and NOT to time consuming? Why not try our most recent addiction; glossy eyes.

Yes, the glossy trend has been here for some time now, but to us there’s no better timing for shining eyes – as it’s so chic combined with glowing summer skin.

Now, you can simply buy a glossy eyeshadow. But our favorite trick is a little different; we’ve started steaming up our eye shadow game by adding some transparent lip gloss on top of our favorite mate. The result; fresh and so, so glossy!

Pssst… If you can’t find the transparent lip gloss, see if you can find your nearest box of Vaselin! Tap it on and there’s your steaming evening look!

Lip gloss from Bobbi Browneye shadow from Mac and lip gloss from Clarins.