Katarina Petrovic, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) It might just be me (and my mother…), but silver and gold have never been accepted in my ‘style world’. It was just as ‘no-go’ as pink and red still is for me. Golden earrings and silver necklace; NO. Not to mention silver and gold in one piece of jewelry; No, NO.

It’s however strange, how acceptance of trends change parallel to one’s own development. Not that you’ll ever see me wearing pink and red in one and same outfit, but the understanding of your personal style changes, the understanding of trends as well – not to mention your main reasons to dress up changes. Rather fascinating, isn’t it?

Earrings from Jacquemus.

..and that’s what’s been happening with my relationship to silver and gold; I simply see the combination of those two differently. Now it’s far from a ‘no-go’ and more like one of the most delicate ways of wearing your jewelry- when it’s  styled to perfection or when the pieces are, well- well designed, of course.

The combination of what used to be a very dressed up material, gold, and the more low-key material, silver adds a casual elegance touch to any look. Like you don’t care, yet that’s exactly what you do.

Let these five pieces do the rest of the explaining for me – if even needed: 

Silver earring from Jane Kønig, golden earring from Jane Kønig, silver and gold drop earrings from Ellery, totem gold-tone and silver earrings Leigh Miller, silver and hold hoop earrings from Charlotte Chesnais and twist hoop earrings from Balenciaga.