Katarina, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) Speaking about 10 city getaway must-haves pieces some posts ago, we still haven’t decided were to escape this fall – even though our suitcases are all ready and almost packed.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some spots in mind – because of course we do. We just need to make up our minds. What do we really want? What do we want with the getaway?

Total relaxation? Shopping and champagne (or good food)? A cultural explosion? Or maybe it all? Whatever you’re looking for one of these 3 cities will cover your (and our) needs!


Tourists disappear, prices drops and the weather is still amazing. Actually perfect for a city vacation; not to warm, but warm enough that you can relax to the fullest. The place to go if you want total relaxation or just a cultural explosion.


Florence in high season is one of the hottest cities in Italy, which makes it the perfect fall city. Still tourists visit this gorgeous city during June-July as a pit stop while driving around in Tuscany, ending up sitting inside one of the many thousands restaurants thanks to the heat. Visit Florence during fall and you’ll not only see one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, you’ll also be able to shop, eat amazing food and experience some of Italys most powerful art.


Great food and a lot of cultural events. Not to mention the weather here as well is pretty good during fall. You might even squeeze in a couple of beach days if you’re lucky. In other words; the spot for an arty and tranquil getaway.

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