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Katarina, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) Fall means city getaways – at least in our editorial staff. The feeling of slowly leaving the summer and its vacations behind, awakes the traveller in us. Every. Single. Year. Or should I say the ‘getawayer’?

Post-summer (remembering all the vacations, memories, the good weather AND that there is a whole year until next time) simply just makes us want to get a way for a couple of days. But since we’ve had enough of lazy beach days (at least until our winter escapes) one or two city getaways are on our planning-list these days. And to be prepared to jump on the next plane, whenever we find the perfect destination, we’ve started gathering some suitcase must-haves for a city getaway: 

Denim shirt from H&M, sneakers from Prada, sunglasses from Saint Laurent, mini bag from Jacquemus, turtleneck from JoosTricot, hoodie from H&M, bag from The Row, cap from Loewe, trousers from H&M and t-shirt from Hanes X Karla.