The Obsession: ‘LUXE’ TRACKSUITS




Katarina, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) What I really love about autumn is how it allows you to dress cozy; oversized, layered, loose and comfy. BUT not in a ‘I don’t care how I look way’, on the contrary! In a luxe and sophisticated but still casual way; looking like you haven’t tried too hard yet you look so cool and comfortable.

This AW-season there is no trend better for the job than the tracksuit. We’re NOT speaking about the uber sporty ones – they’re great for their purpose – we’re obsessing over the more ‘luxe’ ones. No luxe, like pricey. Think delicate colors, good materials, timeless shapes and simple yet meaningful details. In other words; a super wearable tracksuit, that’s just as good with coats and boots as it is with a puffer jacket and sneakers.

Shop our favorites directly through the links below:


Beige track pants and sweater ERES, blue track pants and hoodie from Baserange, tracksuit from Olivia Von Halle, grey track pants and hoodie from Days Like This, black track pants and sweater from H&M, white track pants and sweater from Zara, red track pants and turtleneck from Allude, black track pants and hoodie from Valentino, brown track pants and sweater from Balenciaga and grey track pants and sweater from Raey.