The High Street Favorite: FAUX FUR LEO COAT

Skjermbilde 2018 09 17 kl 16 28 30


Katarina,  A Style Journey

I’m definitely bitten by the fall-shopping-fashion-bill; feeling the need to empty my whole wardrobe and fill it with news for the comping AW-season.

But no worries, I won’t be giving all my clothes away. There is no need to when there are so many good catches out there that are not ment to replace my existing wardrobe, but complement and lift it! We’re not speaking about just any catches we’re speaking about the high street ones; the ones that doesn’t empty your wallet yet make such a huge difference!

… and this Leo faux fur from Mango is just what we’re talking about. price on fleek, timeless, wearable (just as good for day as night) AND it’s the perfect complement, lifting any look from 0 to 10 in a sec!

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