Monthly Beauty Wish List: OCTOBER




Caroline, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) As our world are getting colder and darker, we’re in the mood for a lavish month ahead. We’re dreaming of more mascara, heavier eyeshadow, more lipstick, deeper colors  – more makeup and drama in general!

…which we obviously will dull down with our rather conservative wardrobes (as no weather can scare off our black, white and earth colored favorites!).

Anyways: Below we’ve gathered 7 products that made it to our RATHER prestigious wish list of October.

We want them all – just to make that clear!

1096908 in xl

Mascara from Hourglass


Foundation from YSL

803005 in xl

Lipstick from Oribe

1093137 in xl

Eyeliner from Path McGrath


Eyeshadow from YSL

829557 in xl

Contour from NARS

664654 in xl

Nail polish from Christian LouBoutin