24 Hours In: BELGRADE


Katarina, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) I’ve never really fallen in love with Belgrade – even though it’s the capitol of my home country, only an hour drive from my birth place AND everyone else I know LOVES it.

…but that was before my last 24 hours visit. Now I understand – and I can’t wait for my next (LONGER) stay in one of the coolest up and coming European capitols.

Here is how to spend 24 casual hours in Belgrade, Serbias capitol:

Left: Kalemegdan park and right: Pekara Trpkovic


By the Sava river at one of the splav’s. My favorite is Kota 70. ‘Prženice sa fetom i ajvarom’ is a must-eat for breakfast!


The Kalemegdan park is perfect for a post-breakfast walk with its beautiful views and tranquil surroundings (not to mention the historical fortress of Belgrade). If you’re already in the need of a coffee or just a break Kalemegdanska Terasa is such a beautiful cafe.


A walk in the park (and the activities post…) always requires a good lunch. And if there is one thing we Balkans know, it’s lunch! Step by one of the many amazing Pekara’s in town (look for signs with Pekara in cyrillic: пекара) and grab a burek with a natural yogurt on the side! It’s a must.

The super old Pekara Trpkovic is a good alternative, so is the modern Pekara ‘Hleb i Kifle’.

Jane Doe Vintage Shop


Post-Burek? Shopping ofc! With full batteries, there is nothing better than a good vintage-hunt. Even though the vintage scene is still young in Belgrade, there are two shops worth visiting:

1. Jane Doe Vintage Shop

2. Šmizla Vintage & Design Store

Przionica D59B

17:00 – COFFE TIME

There is no coffee in Belgrade (neither this good coffee-break atmosphere) like the one at Przionica D59B.


We’re not done shopping yet! As well as some of the classic high street stores (Zara, Mango, H&M, …) in the main street ‘Knez Mihailova’, there are some really good stores opening in the city sentrum. Here are some spots:

1. Distante: The first concept store with brands like Celine, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent ++

2. Mona: Bags, bags and bags – you might find some really good ones here.


3. Metropoliten: The best beauty store with brands like Aesop, Le Labo, Byredo and Comme des Garcons. Did I mention they have a beauty salon too? Well they do!

4. The street of Kralja Petra: Not only does this street have a lot of great stores (especially some good shoe stores), it also has some good break spots like some super tasty ice cream at Crna Ovca and some lunch or just a glass of wine at Smokvica.


Get back to your hotel and step up your outfit-game!

Where to stay? Here are some options: Hotel Moskva, Saint Ten or Square 9. 

Restoran Tri

21:00 – DINNER

The restaurant scene is fast growing and super various speaking in terms of type of restaurant and food. You’ll find everything from classic balkan restaurants (with ‘home cooked’ plates), to modern and laid-back cuisine, to super luxe ones.

Do not miss out Restoran Tri (and their super cozy backyard) for dishes inspired from all over the world with a balkan touch.

If you’re up for some a real balkan dinner experience try Tri Sesira. 

23:00 – DRINKS

If you’re not up for a crazy night out at the Splavs, get some good beer or wine at KC Grad or Jazz Basta.

KC Grad