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Earlier this year I visited Madrid for the first time (or actually the second: the first time was when I was 4, but that doesn’t count right?). Anyways, I’ve heard so much about the city, speaking in terms of all the good sides – both in random travel conversations and specifically after booking the trip. The architecture, the art scene, restaurants, shopping, not to mention the vibe; Madrid has it all. Or?

I’m not sure if it was just my travel luck (that was just not on my side this time? Because it always isn’t!) and the fact that I didn’t see the hidden side of Madrid almost everyone is talking about. OR if the city might be a bit glorified, when compared to some of my favorite cities.


Either way, I’m definitely booking a new trip (and doing my research better?) to hopefully find out I’m wrong, BUT even though I wasn’t blown away, there were some spots definitely worth paying a visit while in town:

1. EL RETIRO PARK: Probably one of the most beautiful parks I’ve seen – and I think the gorgeous Christal Palace is to blame!


Toma Cafe

2. TOMA CAFE: Super small, but super cozy! Toma Cafe is definitely my favorite breakfast, lunch and coffee spot. Great menu, perfect sized plates and AMAZING coffee. Not to mention they have a super tasty iced coffee to-go!

3. MERCADO DE SAN MIGUEL: What isn’t it to love about food halls? I’m not sure and Madrid’s answer is so alive and tasty! All types of tapas, olives to die for and wine wine wine. Not to mention the architecture looks so good at night – and the atmosphere is even better!


Mercado San Miguel

4. PALACIO IN THE SUNSET: Not that it isn’t majestic in daylight, but you really want to see it when the sun goes down. Walk a bit higher at Calle Factor for the perfect view.

5. ROOFTOP AT NH COLLECTION: THE spot for a shopping-break – or just for some late night drinks!


Left: L.A. Studio and right: Ekseption

6. L.A. STUDIO: Made for interior junkies!

7. EKSEPTION: High-end shopping mekka!

8. MALASAÑA: Stroll around and discover all the vintage stores and artisan cafes in Madrid’s Bohemian neighbourhood.


Left: Chocolatería San Ginés and right: Sofia Reina Museum

9. CHURROS: …at Chocolatería San Ginés anno 1894 because you just can’t get enough – and these ones are really good!

10. MUSEO REINA SOFIA: This museum simply just has some incredible works that can’t be missed.

  1. I would agree with your vibe about Madrid……I wanted to love it……just didn’t get there (& *whisper this* I felt equally underwhelmed about Paris too)…….I liked walking round the city and enjoyed many of the places/views on your list it’s just that my heart was not grabbed by Madrid – not in the way it has been by Malaga or Seville, or any of Göteburg/Toronto/Vancouver/ Naples/Nice.

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