Beauty Bargains: THE ASJ H&M FAVORITES



Caroline, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) Christmas and the festive season is getting close and even if this is the season you finally get to show off your true nature, as a party animal an nothing less! – or if you, like us, tend to end up on your couch – the expenses seems sky high this part of year.

To save at least some money (AND because they’ve been bragging about them for ages) I’ve asked our Fashion and Project Leader about their favorite products from one of our favorite affordable stores: H&M.

…and let’s face it, I was never not gonna spend that money anyways.



Few people are better at finding those golden budget pieces than our Fashion Editor – makeup being no exception. Here are her H&M favorites:

Allround stick, highlighter, lipstick and lipliner all from H&M.



– I love the H&M eyeliner and their lipsticks; firstly because they stay on and secondly because you can actually afford them.


Lipstick, lipstick and eyeliner all from H&M.

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