Advent Calendar: DECEMBER 9TH




(This article contains sponsored products) Warning! We just found a new favorite brand. And it’s something as unique as a bathroom-approved brand for men (we all know products for him aren’t always as fresh-looking as we prefer). But the days in despair are over and Depot is the name you need to remember.

We were a little overwhelmed when we opened our treasure box with these products – which we and our boyfriends were lucky enough to test – as these really are some pretty, pretty things. Sophisticated and clean looking, adding an exclusive yet organic touch to any bathroom shelf.

The qualities of them are nothing less; delicate smells and great textures. Also, the products we’ve tested actually work!

No man in your building? No worries, Depot also have candles, fragrance sticks, hand creams and other goodies for girls (or if you like us sometimes (++) like products for him as well this whole page is your kingdom to rule).


Styling spray, shaving soap cream, shampoo, fragrance candle, fragrance diffuser, fragrance diffuser, conditioner, matt paste, shaving cream, beard oil all from Depot.

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4. Advent calendar, December 4th: Face masks and face mist
5. Advent calendar, December 5th: Watches
6. Advent calendar, December 6th: Perfumes 
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8. Advent calendar, December 8th: Weekend bag