Advent Calendar: DECEMBER 10TH


Katarina, A Style Journey

Who doesn’t love a good coffee table book? We don’t know a single person! Which is why two of the books on our Christmas wish lists ( ‘Louis Vuitton Catwalk’ and ‘Great Houses of The South’. ) are our 10th Christmas gift tip!

Not only are coffee table books really good looking in our homes – because they really do look good! – they’re actually full of inspiration. They don’t only look like they are.

Fashion, travel, architecture, pets, cars; whatever you or who else is left on your gift list prefers, there is a beautiful coffee table out there for him/her. You just have to find it (Amazon has them all!).

In other words: find out what she/he is obsessing over ATM and surprise with an accordingly coffee table book.

1. Advent calendar, December 1st: Suitcases
2. Advent calendar, December 2nd: Puffer jackets
3. Advent calendar, December 3rd: Gloves
4. Advent calendar, December 4th: Face masks and face mist
5. Advent calendar, December 5th: Watches
6. Advent calendar, December 6th: Perfumes 
7. Advent calendar, December 7th: Loungewear
8. Advent calendar, December 8th: Weekend bag
9. Advent calendar, December 9th: Depot

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