I annonssamarbete med GLITTER




Katarina, A Style Journey

I can only speak for myself – but I bet it counts for some of you ladies as well – I’m last minute gift shopping… Again.

Even though buying gifts for my beloved ones is an activity I really enjoy (ask anyone knowing me well) I tend to end up gift-hunting last minute every single Christmas. BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t started a while ago doing the planning.

Pajamas-sets, scented candles, wool socks and matching knit-wear, duvet covers, perfumes; you know the ‘standard list’. These are all still on my Christmas shopping list, but a little Christmas gift rule of mine is that I always want to add that little extra to the gift, that my girls didn’t even know they needed before I gave it to them.

Don’t get me wrong! The list below is still so good (and much needed!), but why not add some little unpredictability to it by hiding some sparkle in all those everyday classics? I’m talking about jewelry ofc! And as always I do have some favorites in mind – that simply just can’t go wrong!

I’ve raged my high street, go-to jewelry store Glitter and gathered 20 pieces that’ll add that little extra to gifts of your favorite girls – some of these are even sterling silver 925 or gilded silver! And the best part? As well as being so damn good – that I’ve actually been rethinking giving them away – they’re all wallet-friendly!

Now happy last minute Christmas shopping (and to remember to actually give one of these 20 pieces away!):

Check out the whole silver collection HERE.

1. Silver pearl drop earrings, 2. silver hoops, 3. silver pearl earrings, 4. silver drop formed, 5. crystal hoops, 6.golden star earrings, 7. square diamond earrings, 8. crystal leaf necklace, 9. crystal earrings, 10. drop earrings, 11. golden earring with pearl, 12. fringed earrings, 13. crystal hoops, 14. crystal necklace, 15. hoop earrings, 16. fringed crystal earrings, 17. crystal dro earrings, 18. golden flower earrings, 19. crystal bracelet 20. drop pearl earrings all from Glitter.