Advent Calendar: DECEMBER 19TH




Caroline, A Style Journey 

(This article contains sponsored products for the giveaway and affiliate) Todays calendar giveaway – and gift tips! – is all about skincare and not just any skincare.

To put it in context: 

My greatest lesson (and surprise) when it comes to skincare is rather simple: Mild, natural products work. And they work so well! Despite my initiative skepticism (if your in a serious state of wanting to get rid of imperfections, “strong” is a word you often prefer over “mild” and “natural”).

But, I’ve never seen improvement as quickly as with just natural, mild products. So I’m generally a fan, and was therefore thrilled when Kicks launched their new natural skincare serie: SKIN TREAT.

The products of this serie is nothing less than what I’ve expected (and the smell….!) and we’re therefore equally thrilled to announce some of these as today’s giveaway!

Today you can win Intense Hydration Body Kit Gift Box, AND the Radiant Skin Body Kit Gift Box which both contain favorites of ours!

TO PARTICIPATE: Follow our Fashion Editor Katarina on Instagram (for daily ASJ-updates) and simply add your favorite Christmas-emoji and @ your IG in the comment field below.

NB! Unfortunately this years advent calendar is limited to our followers within Norway (and sadly, ourselves and our families can’t participate). We hope you like the Christmas gift tip though – and we hope to have some competitions for our abroad followers soon.

The winner will be drawn December 20th and announced in tomorrow’s advent calendar post – so stay tuned! She/he will then be contacted on Instagram.


1. Advent calendar, December 1st: Suitcases

2. Advent calendar, December 2nd: Puffer jackets

3. Advent calendar, December 3rd: Gloves

4. Advent calendar, December 4th: Face masks and face mist

5. Advent calendar, December 5th: Watches

6. Advent calendar, December 6th: Perfumes 

7. Advent calendar, December 7th: Loungewear

8. Advent calendar, December 8th: Weekend bag

9. Advent calendar, December 9th: Depot

10. Advent calendar, December 10th: Coffee table books

11. Advent calendar, December 10th: killer glow kit

12. Advent calendar, December 12th: Passport holder

13. Advent calendar, December 13th: Pajama set

14. Advent calendar, December 14th: Heated Brush to Go

15. Advent calendar, December 15th: White sneakers

16. Advent calendar, December 16th: Bathroom beauties

17.  Advent calendar, December 17th: Travel essentials 

18. Advent calendar, December 18th: Sunnies