The Fashion Question: LOUNGEWEAR, YAY OR NAY?



Katarina, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) I bet you’ve all already been discussing the question with your girls. Some of you may even have the answer already(?).

But If you – like us – are still up for a discussion, please leave a comment. Because we still haven’t got a 100 percent yey or a 100 percent nay on the often asked question: Is loungewear appropriate? In public of course; at work, while doing shopping, during travels, etc… BUT we feel like we’re at least a couple of percentages closer to 100 (percent yey) and this are the criteria:

1. Material: It has to be in a good quality material or at least a long lasting one (that’s usually the same thing). 

2. Details: The lounge wear should have some details making the garments look a bit more luxe, sophisticated and though through. 

3. Styling: (And this one might be the most important one!) Don’t dress the loungewear down, dress it up! No, that does not mean drop the sneakers or the bomber jacket. Just make sure your loungewear look ‘elegant’, confident, well dressed and thought trough. Not I-overslept-and-just-dressed-up-in-the-first-clothes-I-found. On the floor. 

…and last, but not least, to help you (and ourselves) on the way. Here are some loungewear favorites that definitely ticks off  our criteria: 

Sweatshirt from Reebok X Victoria Beckham, sweatpants from Reebok X Victoria Beckham, sweatshirt from Loewe, hoodie from Skin, tights from H&M, hoodie from H&M, jumpsuit from Pepper & Mayne, hooded fringed cape from Skin, sweatshirt from Raey, track pants from Raey, short sleeve hoodie from Reebok X Victoria Beckham, hooded poncho from Eres, track pants from Valentino, hooded sweater from Joseph, track pants from Joseph, sweatpants from Stella McCartney, hooded sweater from Allude, track pants from Allude, leggings from Joseph and hoodie from Raey.

Top photo: Vogue Mexico January 2019 by An Le