The Fashion Editor’s Favorites:10 ARKET PIECES WE ALL NEED THIS SPRING



Katarina, A Style Journey

First of all: Hi guys! Long time, no see. We’ve been missing you and ASJ and hope you’ve been missing us as well, while we where gone. At least a bit.

Then over to what I really need to share with you guys; 10 ARKET pieces we all need this spring, ladies. We all.

Not only are they hits trend-wise this spring, they’re (as most pieces we like) timeless AND perfect travel companions for all the travels to come this SS season. We’re speaking comfy lux.

A sporty shorts combined with a tuxedo blazer and slippers, a light suit with your favorite sneakers or a detailed skirt with a leather shirt – that can be both a shirt and a jacket depending on the weather.

…and the best part, at least for our Norwegian followers, these 10 pieces (and all the rest of the goodies will be available in Norway from the 21st of March!

Tuxedo blazer, shorts, leather slippers, beige blazer, beige suit pants, skirt, leather shirt, leather bag, short sleeved blazer and track pants, all from ARKET.