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Caroline, A Style Journey

(Affiliate) We don’t know about you, but spring (as we’re just going to assume has arrived for good) makes us wanna celebrate it somehow: A new bag, a new haircut.. you name it! However we’ve found a solution we’re pretty happy about: Red lips. It adds that little extra sprak, it can be cheap, it’s reversible and so lovely and bright in the sun!  

Now if you like us, are struggling with finding the right color and making it last, we’ve gathered some tips to help:

1.FIND THE RIGHT COLOR: This is as obvious as it is genius: Get a mirror in the store, roll out the lipstick and hold it in front of your mouth. Does it suit you? The colour on the package can often fool us, so we find this trick very helpful.

2.MAKE IT LAS: if your lips are dry, start by scrubbing them. No lips scrub at home? Honey and sugar mixed together will do the trick, if not we find rubbing a towel gentle on your lips as the best solution.

3.REMEMBER THAT LIP LINERThis will define your lips and make it stay. For a natural result, find one similar to your lipstick.

Now, to the best part: 5 gorgeous lipstick to celebrate that spring has finally sprung!


Lip gloss from Pat McGrath Labslipstick from TOM FORD BEAUTY, lipstick from Bobbi Brown, lipstick from Sisley and lipstick from Lipstick queen.

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