The Beauty Editor’s Favorite: MUST-HAVE DRY SHAMPOO


Caroline, A Style Journey

(This article contains sponsored products and affiliate) Anyone else feeling their hair becoming more greasy these days? Long days outside and warmer days certainly makes ours feel like it. And yes, we all know the answer to that (at least it’s to us) dry shampoo! A common trick also recommended by many hairdressers who also aren’t to fan of our daily hair wash.

Sounds easy, but as we all know, it ain’t always that way. Personally we found some favorites during the years, but we too often end up feeling our roots being more greasy and dreading over that grey, powdery layer which never seem to leave.

Therefor we had to tips you about this super products we came over (which is probably well known for many): The dry shampoo from Balmain! What a product! For our part: It took us from ‘a there’s no way I’m leaving the house’ till restaurant dinner state in no time. We’re talking no grease, no dust, just clean looking hair and perfect volume!

Dry shampoo from Balmain.

Top photo: WSJ. Magazine March 2019 by Mikael Jansson.