Multivitamin Facial Mask/TROMBORG, Anti-Aging Molecular Messenger Cream/TROMBORG, perfume/BYREDO,  Lavender smooth balm/LESS IS MORE,  Brush/MASON PEARSON

My daily beauty routine consist of these products above. I only use the Multivitamin Facial Mask once or twice a week and I love the instant fresh feeling it gives after using it! I’m seriously addicted to the Anti-Aging Molecular Messenger Cream, it’s for sure the best facial cream I have ever tried! After washing my hair every second day I use my favorite brush from Mason Pearson and then add a bit of Lavender smooth balm in the ends, which is a leave-in conditioner, it smells so wonderful and leaves the hair incredibly soft. My favorite scent at the moment is Seven Veils from Byredo, it has a very spicy and different scent, which I always get compliments for.

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