Chic Ladies: Viktorija Svedkova



Something that I’ve been thinking about: I want to start featuring sharp and stylish women and ask them a few questions. So here we go starting with Viktorija Svedkova who is a New York City based Fashion PR Consultant and works with brands like ROSETTA GETTY, RACIL and CREATURES OF THE WIND. As told by Viktorija:

Tell me about your style and what brands you wear?

I suppose my style is quite classic. I always trust my wardrobe and mood on that day. I believe, before everything, you need to feel confident in what you have on. Especially, in the job that I do. I love wearing KHAITE denim, ALTUZARRA or RACIL jacket, MANOLO BLAHNIK and MIU MIU heels, and LOEWE´s ´Puzzle´ bag.


Has living in New York City influenced your style?

Life in NYC is even more fast-paced than in London, so when I moved last summer, I had to figure out how to simplify my style but still stay true to myself. I also started buying only the pieces I really want and need due to small apartments in Manhattan!

What are you going to buy next?

Next on my wish list: KHAITE ´Benny Jean´ in Vintage Black and classic GUCCI belt in black. I just gifted myself a birthday gift of THE ROW ´Ascot´ bag in navy satin and ROSETTA GETTY mules from PF18 collection, so I think I am set for now.

Which are your favourite beauty and skincare products?

OUIA for hair, LA ROCHE-POSAY & TATA HARPER for my face, GLOSSIER for everyday makeup and REDECKER body brush. I am really intrigued to try KAHINA products that are all inspired by different regions of Morocco, which is my favourite place to travel to, they have the best hammams.


How do you detox?

I am not big on detox, I believe in a balanced lifestyle. When I lived in London my detox was taking a bath on Sundays and have a good read. Now in NYC, I try to drink a lot of water, take supplements and have enough sleep. I recently went Upstate to the mountains which made me feel very tranquil after, so maybe that’s my detox over here!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Brunch with friends, spending time with my husband and our dog Parvie. There are quite a few new openings at the galleries in Chelsea, so we plan on going to see some.

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