Chic Ladies: Claire Thomson-Jonville


Next up is the ultra chic Editor-in-Chief of Self Service magazine and a mother of two, Claire Thomson-Jonville, who was kind enough to take part despite her crazy schedule during the Couture week in Paris.  As told by Claire:

Tell me about your style and brands you like to wear?

I pretty much have a uniform. A great coat and well-cut trousers from CÈLINE and a cashmere sweater or CHARVET men’s shirt for day with PRADA boots, great jewellery from CHARLOTTE CHESNAIS or REPOSSI, and a big smile and good attitude. A tuxedo for evening from my capsule collection I’m launching in collaboration with PALLAS this season.

Does being a fashion editor influence your style?

Yes it’s inevitable. I’m surrounded by so many options everyday which is why it’s so much simpler to have a uniform.

What are you going to buy next?

I’m more interested in buying furniture than clothes as I’m moving house. But I’m obsessed with YASMINE ESLAAMI lingerie, so probably more!

Which are your favourite beauty and skincare products?

TATA HARPER cleansers and masks, LA MER moisturisers, and RMS makeup.

How do you detox?

I eat healthy food all year round, I juice, and I enjoy sport. I swim practically everyday. I don’t really do detoxes or cleanses… over the summer I do a digital detox.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Swimming, furniture shopping, hanging out with babies, watching Netflix… cosy weekend before the show madness starts again.

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