Chic Ladies: Josephine Dahlin


Josephine Dahlin is the Founder of DEITAS – one of my go-to labels for chic leisurewear and effortless pieces to wear on a vacation. But maybe more importantly I really love her aesthetic and how she curates her own wardrobe. As told by Josephine:

Tell me about your style and what brands you like to wear?

Whether in a pyjamas or an ankle length long sleeved dress, I more or less live in shiny silk pieces. Velvet slippers are common partners. Thankfully I have no social anxiety around wearing current  favourites again and again, which really makes my life easier. Boiling it down like this is also great when packing, which means a lot these days. Plus it leaves space for shoes and warm layers like my blue teddy coat by Phoebe Philo.

Has founding DEITAS influenced your style?

Yes absolutely, this journey with DEITAS is continuously widening my aesthetics and at the same time narrowing choices. I’ve learnt a lot about quality and craftsmanship by doing this. The times we live has maybe biggest impact on our style; although my hemline may still be ankle length, I’m thinking of ruling out black clothes this year.

What are you going to buy next?

I don’t know about buying, but right now my top three Google searches are mid-century vintage carpets, Jean Royére, and puppy’s for sale, although perhaps not in that order.

Which are your favourite beauty and skincare products?

I start the day with BIOLOQIQUE Recherccé P50 lotion and follow up with antioxidants and Créme de La Mer. For that fresh no makeup look RMS BEAUTY products are so good.

How do you detox?

With yoga and a vegetable based diet.


Linn Hägglund & Josephine in a CÈLINE coat and GUCCI slippers

What are your plans for the weekend?

We are skiing and hanging out with friends and family. It’s soon time for fashion weeks, which means time spent away from them, so it’s the best possible preparation for a very busy time ahead.

DEITAS is soon to be carried by Net-a-Porter – get to know the brand here & follow here.