The Row Pre-Fall


Firstly, The Row’s Pre-Fall 2018 looks great – it creates temptation and fashion trades in temptation. But a whole always boils down to the subtle nuances, which really matter, like the fact that Georgina Grenville models the collection.

At 42 Georgina has lived through the supermodel era of the 90s, has a family and many passions in her life beyond fashion. Therefore, she convincingly looks the part of a woman who wears The Row head-to-tow in real life. A woman who is intelligent and mindful and picks her clothes carefully, so that there is time left for more important things.Though I might be a little obsessed with her because she looks the way I want to look like at her age, lol.

And hehee the bags look pretty tasty!


Image courtesy of The Row.

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