My Go-To Makeup



My go-to makeup is very simple and I like a natural and radiant looking skin. I have always been loyal to some cult favourites and rarely get excited about new launches apart from, maybe, anything from Glossier as we speak. And I really love RMS Beauty for their products create that natural look!

I use ‘Un’-Coverup by RMS Beauty in shade 22 or when I want to add a bit coverage, usually when I go out, I switch to ‘Instant Glow’ beauty serum by Lumene. I never apply foundation to my entire face, only to areas which need a bit of enhancement.

I have some old acne scars on my cheeks (caused by severe malaria and a consequent antibiotic treatment) which I always cover by applying Vichy’s ‘Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation’. And, if needed, I use ‘Touhce Éclat’ to cover any eye bags.

Then, I follow with RMS Beauty’s ‘Contour Bronze’ and ‘Magic Luminizer’ as well as with their cult favourite, ‘Lip2Cheek’, in shade ‘Modest’ or ‘Promise’. Though, I sometimes sweep a hint of ‘Orgasm’, a cult blush from NARS, on top and I set my skin with Chanel’s ‘Les Beiges’ powder in shade N°20.

I am all about curling my my eyelashes and I’ve been relying on Sensai’s 38°C for as long as I can remember! My go-to eyeshadow is Urban Decay’s ‘Toasted’ and I finish off my eyebrows with Bobbi Brown’s brow pencil in shade ‘Grey’.

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