Decor Crush: Adrianna Shamaris


Hi after a while!

I am truly sorry for the absence here on the blog. There was a fire at my childhood home last week and my phone was stolen over the weekend. Even my iCloud back-up had disappeared, so just, please, back up your iPhone on your computer as soon you can. But now my life is starting to run smoothly again and I am ready for my 26th birthday tomorrow, just luckily no one got hurt. That is the main thing!

But how about getting back to the less heavy subjects like oh-so-dreamy and not-within-my-budget decor. I discovered Adrianna Shamaris, the New York based designer,  the day I discovered The Line and she has been on my mind ever since. I might have written about her earlier as well, especially about the cracked resin cubes which ”have been cracked to achieve a unique quartz crystal effect” – they are on the top of ultimate decor wish list.

You can see some of my favourites by Adrianna above. I felt like featuring her again having read this interesting article on her the other day.

Image courtesy of Adrianna Shamaris. 

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