Meeting Sophie Bille Brahe In Paris


Wearing the iconic Croissant de Lune earring.

Here is a couple of images from a meeting I had with Sophie Bille Brahe at L’Hotel in Paris. It was a dream come true, and the reason why I decided to travel to Paris in the first place. Before the very invitation I was almost skipping PFW, but once in while something comes your way, which could make you think I am crazy, if I don’t seize the opportunity!

So I went and got the warmest welcome. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a warm welcome actually, and it was very exclusive. I got try on the jewellery and chat about this and that. I was made feel very worthwhile, and everything was so carefully considered. The only problem I have now is that my wish list is way too long. SOS.

Wearing the Escalier de LuneGrace, and Bianca rings & Bracelet de Tennis.

If you have an extra minute or two, please, take a moment to get to know Sophie’s latest, pearl-inspired collection known as the Aphrodite. It is absolutely gorgeous! I am constantly thinking about the Botticelli earrings!