Sophie Bille Brahe In Copenhagen


bille brahe 2
‘Botticelli’ earring SOPHIE BILLE BRAHE

Busy does not make justice to the past week; first Copenhagen Fashion Week followed by three days at a music festival. I had a such a good time though! My personal highlight, next to catching up with many close friends, was a meeting I had with the team behind Sophie Bille Brahe at Apollo Bar. They have just launched a collection together with Cecilie Bahnsen, which you can read more about here.

I absolutely adore the brand, as every single piece feels like a life-long investment. I am currently trying to decide between the Botticelli earrings… if I should get them with the diamonds or not?

bille brahe
‘Ocean Ensemble’ ring SOPHIE BILLE BRAHE

I also dined at Apollo Bar afterwards, which I would totally recommend for the place has such a nice vibe and I was served the best natural wine ever – Etienne & Sebastian Riffault Les Quarterons 2016. Make notes!