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Usually when I go on a vacation, I have certain things on my mind that I want to do and purchase. Though my plan for New York was a bit different, see, I’d rather do things and treat myself to a wellness plan. Something has changed there! Maybe it’s because I’ve realised I won’t get any younger and I think my body deserves the best instead of seeing beauty treatments as a luxury I cannot afford. Not to say cellular stimulation at RICARI STUDIOS would not feel like the utmost luxury, it certainly does when you enter the space through a designer showroom, but appreciating my body’s needs has become a new priority.

After a couple of flights and the wedding (read wedding week in the American sense of things) in Atlanta I felt as bloated as one could. Actually, I suffer from poor lymphatic circulation, so what they do at RICARI STUDIOS is perfect for me. After just one treatment, two litres of water and a bit of sweating – it’s a two-part treatment – I felt amazing on the following day and did not feel bloated before I returned back to Finland. The point is not to loose weight, but instead it moves and awakens your system.

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