Flatiron Pilates


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I have been doing pilates (mainly reformer) for over two years now and it has completely changed my body, given me so much strength as well as flexibility. Therefore visiting new studios has become a thing while I am away, as I try to stick to my routine and learn more. Booking a class with Amy Nelms of Flatiron Pilates was the first thing I did after I knew I would go to NYC. And it was totally worth it! Amy is very lovely and she really does focus on your body’s needs and she gave me a few exercises I need to do at home to keep my body in balance.

Also, her studio is gorgeous! We definitely have the same mood, I mean it’s quite hilarious, but the first things I noticed were the crystals and a Byredo hand cream. Thankfully I don’t take myself too seriously…

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Cannot wait to see you soon again babe! x

You can find Amy here