La Regina del Mare Adriatico


Yesterday Sophie Bille Brahe launched a new collection, which has been inspired by the Italian city of Venice and the close relationship between the land and sea, as the name ”La Regina del Mare Adriatico” suggests.

I was kindly invited to view the collection privately during Copenhagen Fashion Week back in August, so I got a sneak peek of the high quality Murano glass that is used in the collection, like in the Grappolo Diamant earrings. The glass originates from Murano where the craftsmanship has been practised for generations, and I think the glass looks very fresh and playful together with the more familiar pearls and diamonds. I also love the Sandro Nuit earring (in the picture above), as it is such a classic Sophie Bille Brahe piece.

ssb venezia
Another favourite – the Venezia Diamant earrings that ”shaped like a lemon inspire thoughts of aperitivo under a hot Italian sun”. So good!

Image courtesy of Sophie Bille Brahe