Lilla M on Spotify

I have a playlist on Spotify where I’ve saved a lot of the songs that I listened to when I was younger. I remember the day’s when we had to download all the music from LimeWire or Youtube.. lol.  I had all the songs from my iPod saved on a hard drive so when I found it many years later it was pure nostalgia! Above are four songs that I played on repeat. As you can see, I was all into the juicy R&B music (still am). I had Pony by Ginuwine as a ringtone for a while.. It was lit when the phone rang.

My favorite music video in 2003 was Ashanti Rock Wit U, I had a crush on the guy in the video. I still think he’s the cutest. And in 2010 I watched Ciara Ride on repeat (still do).

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